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Dog Travel Checklist 

Monday, 23 December 2019

A handy list of items to bring for your pooch on your next doggy trip away. 


☐ Dry food in zip seal bags

☐  Dog biscuits or treats

☐  Rawhide or chew bone

☐  Bottles filled with water

☐  Portable food and water bowls

Medicine/first aid

☐  Pet first aid kit

☐  Medication or supplements

☐  Motion sickness remedy

☐  Copy of health/vaccination papers

☐  Vet’s contact information


☐ Poo bags

☐  Disinfectant spray

☐  Antibacterial baby wipes

☐  Paper towels

☐  Old towels

☐  Grooming supplies/brush

☐  Dog shampoo/conditioner

☐  Lint roller


☐ Favourite toy from home

☐  Familiar blanket or bed from home

☐  Extra collar

☐  Dog tags

☐  Sturdy lead and harness

☐  Torch for night-time walks