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Time to Freshen up your home

Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Being in lockdown right now may be a great time to get to some of those projects you have had on your list for when it comes to freshening up your property?

Think about First Impressions – Where’s the Wow?

Try adding an eye-catching painting on the wall. Look to your surrounds for art inspiration

Avoid smaller, cheap art pieces. By all means opt for affordable artworks for hallways or bedrooms, but first-impression art needs to have wow-factor.

Make a moment of the bedrooms

Everyone wants to walk into the bedroom and feel like it’s a sanctuary. That means not skimping on the bed, bedside tables, lamps, or bedding. A good nights sleep depends on an A grade mattress. Is it time to upgrade them? How long since the pillows were replaced?

Ensure the outdoor zones feel designed too

You can’t forget the alfresco areas when decorating a holiday rental. Aussies love outdoor living. In summer, couples, families and larger groups will all want to utilise the outdoor area, so ensure there’s ample seating here.

Every outdoor zone is different, so whether you choose a table and chairs or an outdoor lounge will be your call. My advice: make sure it’s comfortable! Nobody wants to relax in a cheap metal chair that’s rusting and has no padding on it. Invest in some easy-to-clean materials outdoors and your guests will remember you for it!

Also make the outdoor zone usable all year round. 

Create a social media moment

We live in a digital world, and everyone wants to share their travels on social media. Travellers want to share photos but not if the interior design is boring.

Try to create a moment in one of the main living areas that feels special. A backdrop people will want to have a photo against. I love the idea of a map decal on the wall that reflects the area your holiday rental is in, but let your imagination run wild.