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Working From Home? Some Top tips to stay positive

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Here are some top tips to help keep a positive work space as we face the possibility of several weeks of quarantine or social distancing. We have to make sure we are looking after each other and ourselves. Mental Health is a top priority as we navigate through this highly emotional time where many can suffer from anxiety among other issues.


  1. Take one day at a time – We are currently facing temporary measures and we can choose to focus on the present day instead of looking too far into the future with many unknowns.
  2. Focus on the positives – Don’t concentrate too much on negative stories and rather look at the positive stories and the good work being done by many.
  3. Create a routine – change out of your pajamas and shower, ready to start your day fresh and to achieve a sense of normality.
  4. Avoid Burnout – Create boundaries and strict limits to your work so you don’t become exhausted.
  5. Stay connected Virtually – Take extra steps to have a video conference instead of just audio, talk with family and friends. Stay in touch through social media.
  6. Break up your day – try to change up your environment for different activities as best you can.
  7. Take care of your body – With gym’s being closed try to keep active indoors or try a new practice such as meditation or stretching. Eat healthy and get plenty of sleep, just don’t sleep insmiley


Try to see what works for you and we are all in this together so reach out to someone if you are finding it tough. There are plenty of resources online, a great one to check out is Black Dog Institute