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Melbourne is often described as having four seasons in one day so make sure you bring a jacket, an umbrella, a hat and swimmers with you. Melbourne has warm summers. gorgeous springs, peaceful autumns and fresh winters. 

What Is The Weather Like Year Round In Melbourne?

There are four seasons in Melbourne. 

Summer (December – February). It generally hits its peak temperatures in January and Februrary. Temperatures can easily reach 30 degrees and little rain is expected. Average temperatures ranging from 14 - 25 degrees. 

Autumn (March – May). Cooler weather occurs but is not as cold as winter. Average temperatures ranging from 10 - 20 degrees. 

Winter (June – August). The coldest season and frequent bouts of rain. Average temperatures ranging from 6 - 14 degrees. 

Spring (September – November). An ever changing period of sunny warm days to cold and windy. Average temperatures ranging from 9 - 20 degrees. 

UV and Sun Protection

Enjoying the sun in Melbourne is wonderful but remember to be cautious of ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Even when the sun isn't out, you may need to take precaution. 

UV levels vary across Australia so please have a look at the Bureau of Meteorology site to see more information on the UV rays and temperature forecasted. 

Stay sun smart and remember to wear sunscreen, put on a hat and wear sunglasses.